Thursday, September 01, 2011

McCall's 6587 and 7994 "Turn-Around" dress by Ma Chemise c. 1979 and 1982

McCall's 6587 c. 1979
McCall's 7995 c. 1982
Ma Chemise design
Misses' Wrap Dress

Turn-about wrap-sundress has shoulder straps, gathered waistline, tie belts, side seam pockets. 

Interesting, huh?  These patterns were issued three years apart.  Both patterns are identical except for the cover illustration and the 75 cent increase.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vogue 1512, Kasper, American Designer, Drop Waist Dress c. 1985

Vogue 1512
Vogue American Designer
Misses' Dress
c. 1985

Very loose fitting, straight, pullover dress, below mid-calf, has shoulder pads, mock band on lower edge of bodice, pleated skirt, long sleeves with dropped shoulders. Facing and hems are stitched in place. A: Cap sleeves and purchased trim.

The mid-eighties had a bit of a twenties influence with its dropped waistline and straight silhouettes.  The sleeveless version is quite nice, especially the tone-on-tone trim along the edge of the cap sleeve.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Vogue 1411, Carol Horn, Vogue American Designer, Dress Tunic Pants and Purse circa 1970s

Vogue 1411
Carol Horn
Vogue American Designer
Misses' Dress or Tunic, Pants, Purse and Pouch
circa 1970s

Loose-fitting flared pullover dress or tunic with front and back gathered into yokes, has slightly scooped neckline and pockets in side seams. Wide short sleeves are set into cutaway armholes. With or without sleeve belt holding fullness in at waistline. Straight legged pants have elastic waistline. Shaped purse has toggle button flap and self ties. Pouch has contrast lining and drawstring closing.

Guess there wasn't much need to carry more than lipstick and a dime for the pay phone when these little drawstring purses and pouches were popular.  Good thing as they wouldn't fit much more than that would they?


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vogue 1214, Carol Horn, Vogue American Designer, Pullover Top, Skirt and Pants circa 1970s

Vogue 1214
Carol Horn
Vogue American Designer
Misses' Top, Skirt and Pants
circa 1970s

Loose-fitting top has drawstring neckline and raglan sleeves. View A, midriff length with elasticized casing, has above elbow length sleeves. View B, worn tucked in, has three-quarter length sleeves. Ankle length skirt and straight legged pants without side seams, have drawstring waistline. Top stitching.

As I looked through my pattern collection for a peasant style blouse I stopped at this one. Not so much for the top* but for the simplicity of the skirt. This look design could look fresh and modern with the right choice of fabrics. Yea, maybe not that midriff look...

Here's the envelope back:

*I choose Butterick 5885 for my silk peasant blouse. 


Monday, June 13, 2011

A Peek Inside Vogue Patterns November / December 1985

I think it's always fun to take a look at the illustration or garment on the pattern envelope cover and compare it to the garments sewn for Vogue Patterns magazine.  Sometimes I would never buy a pattern based on what I see in the magazine, while other times I would have passed the pattern by in the catalog if I hadn't seen it sewn in the magazine.

For instance, I was browsing the November / December 1985 Vogue Patterns magazine and came across a few model garments that I knew I had the patterns filed away somewhere.

Sure enough I found three of the patterns.

First up is Very Easy Very Vogue 9472.  It's a loose fitting blouse with a single-layer drape and back button closing.  The drape looks lovely on the pattern illustration doesn't it?   Now compare it to the blouse shown in the magazine.  While I think its a lovely example of a mid-80s glitzy blouse, the drape is worn closer to the body with the fabric hanging lower on the model's hip.

Then there's Vogue 9411.  This sleeveless evening dress has a ruched front covered by a forties-inspired top with a pleated front drape. The fabric choice in the magazine is oh-so-eighties Dynasty, don't you think?

Last there's Vogue 1558.  This Ralph Lauren design is for a loose fitting jacket with tapered pants. Oh how I hate the fabric and styling on the cover of envelope. Now I know the wear-your-wallpaper look is coming back in Vogue, but it's not doing for me. I especially hate the white socks with the brown sandals.

But, look at what a difference the fabric choice makes!  I'm not sure I would have known this was the same pattern.

This particular Vogue Patterns magazine is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.  (Patterns are NOT included with the magazine.)


Sunday, June 12, 2011

McCall's 6859, Slinky V Neck Dress, a 90 minute fashion pattern, c. 1979

McCall's 6859
90 Minute Fashion
Misses' Dress - For Stretch Knits Only
c. 1979

Pullover V-neck dress in two lengths without side seams has shaped hemline with front slits; elastic in center front seam forms gathers.

Ah...the 90 minute fashion patterns from McCall's. I was a huge fan of these. 

You really could sew something cute in 90 minutes. 

This particular dress I remember well.  It was sewn from a pinkish Quiana-like knit k nylon knit.  It was one sizzling disco dress, that's for sure.

Now one of my girlfriends married very, very young - in her teens - and started a family right away. That meant there usually wasn't a lot of extra money.  As a special surprise birthday gift for her hubby she saved her pennies, rented a sports car and collected five of her single girlfriends for an evening out on the town with her guy.   What we hadn't told him was that we all agreed before hand that not one of us would dance or talk to any guy but her hubby.  So there we were - five young ladies dressed to kill in true late 70s disco fashion - politely declining every offer to dance from the young men that approached us. He had a blast.  Actually, so did we.

I know there's a photo of us floating out there somewhere. I'm wearing this dress and have a large comb decorated with a feather holding back one side of my hair.  Unfortunately I'm not sure of the photos of those happy days survived when their marriage came to an end after 34 years.

Here's the envelope back:


Saturday, June 04, 2011

McCall's 6840, Designer Bob Mackie Halter Dress, c. 1979

McCall's 6840
Misses' Dress - For Stretch Knits Only
Designer Bob Mackie
c. 1979

Back zippered halter Dress in two lengths has flared skirt, shaped hemline with front slit, upper edge binding extends into ties. Loose, pleated cowl is included side fronts only.

A glamorous dress design from back in the day when we dressed up for an evening of dancing.

I know I danced a few nights away wearing the one I sewed in black.

Here's the back envelope view:


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vogue 2702, Gianni Versace Vogue International Designer, Tunic and Pants circa 1981

Vogue 2702
Vogue International Designer
Gianni Versace
Misses' Tunic, Sash and Pants

Very loose fitting, pullover tunic has back neckline slit with button and thread loop closing, shaped hemline and narrow self bias binding at neckline and lower edge of sleeves. Sash holds in fullness at waistline. Pants, loose fitting through hip and narrowing to ankles have front and back pleated into elasticized waistline and side hemline slits. Both have edgestitching and narrow hem.

The accompanying photo is from the November / December 1981 Vogue Patterns magazine - the home catalog if you will.  I kinda like the design shown on the pattern envelope. But oh my goodness is that one shown in the magazine a disaster.  It certainly doesn't sell the pattern now does it? Look at all that fabric!  I mean if a tall, thin, beautiful model can't pull it off I doubt most of us could.

Here's the pattern envelope back. Those pants take 2-1/2 yards of 60" fabric alone - whew!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vogue 9743, Empire waist sundress, circa 1970s

Vogue 9743
Misses' Dress
circa 1970s

Dress, three inches below mid-knee, mid-calf or evening length, with front and back skirt pleated into fitted high waisted bodice, has straps that tie at shoulders, left side buttoned closing and pockets in right side seam. Topstitching.

Back view:


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vogue 2294, Vogue Courutier Design Federico Forquet Pant Suit, circa 1970

Vogue 2294
Vogue Couturier Design
Federico Forquet of Italy
Misses' Jacket, Dress or Top and Pants
circa 1970

Loose fitting slightly shaped jacket with high standing bias shaped collar and snap front closing has full length raglan sleeves with attached cuffs. Button trim. Semi fitted A line sleeveless dress or top with V neckline has pockets with welts in side front seams. Topstitch trim. Purchased scarf. Slightly flared hipster pants without waistband have front zipper closing.

Per Vintage Pattern Wiki: featured in Vogue Pattern Book February/March 1970

I would have placed this pattern in the late 60s based on that hat alone and I would have been close. Featured in the February / March 1970s Vogue pattern book means it would have been designed in the late 60s. This pattern is in rough shape but I wanted to add it to my collection because it's such a great example of a design from this era.

Check out the back side - when colored illustrations were still included - to see the dress: